About HR Consultancy In Bangalore

  • Right from the company’s establishment, we have been serving industries with the best Hr services in Bangalore and a reliable source to get acquire talents from all over India in all the major verticals such as medical, IT corporate, healthcare, education, law, etc. We offer end to end consulting solutions for both the employers and employees.
  • We are the top-level providers of manpower for Junior, Middle, Senior level requirements to be filled across India. We serve companies from Large Multi-Nationals to Start-Ups Bangalore and pan India and aim to fill in managerial as well as junior-level positions for the smooth functioning of your industry.
  • We imbibe innovative ways in our services for getting the best talents for staffing needs. We assist our clients in every stage of recruitment right from interviewing to hiring deserving professionals. We follow strict management and have some stringent rules to be followed by all.
  • An HR consultancy goes hand in hand for the job seekers and job recruiters. As the job seekers approach us for getting a suitable job opportunity and recruiters consult us for getting the best-knacked individuals who can rightly serve the purpose and make your company grow. We keep a concrete database of eligible candidates who keep up with the ever-changing market drifts.
  • Services Offered By Us

    We take pride in offering the most sought out customized solutions for catering the organization needs with our class apart methodologies. We make sure the running of your industry smoothly in case of a dearth of manpower too.


    We have all the outsourcing options of recruitment possible based on individual preferences whether it isa full-time, part-time or temporary opportunity. We have the solutions to fulfill positions from entry-level to executive positions.

    Contract Positions

    Contract staffing is quite in demand in many industries where they can come out with a temporary position to fulfill in event of the need for a stipulated time. This is done in case an employee is on leave for a long time or if someone is looking for an immediate work.

    Bulk Hiring

    We Conduct mass recruitment drive from time to time in case such requirement comes in and the time is less so that more and more fresh talents are gained through the process who help in gaining the industry reaps with our best tactics.


    We have the proper training sessions to enhance the productivity of the workforce by enhancing their skillset aligning with your business objectives. Our grooming and training promise the overall development of the candidates making them job-ready.

    Performance Management

    We conduct a robust system for evaluating candidates’ performance and rate them as per their performance in the tests. In doing so, our main objective is to benefit your business with the strategic workforce.

    Payroll Management

    We handle payroll management tasks for the companies also where they do not have to worry about creating a separate payroll management team for looking after it. We make sure the release of payroll is done on time and address grievances.

    Benefits Of HR Consultancy For Your Business

    Fulfilling suitable positions benefits your company based on the level of expertise the HR Agencies bring to your organization and an overall positive impact on the company graphs. HR Consultanting firms in bangalore covers every requirement that is needed by the clients based on the work they are employed in. Below are some of the most vital benefits that they can bring in your business:

    Recruitment Services

  • There are ways the recruitment services can benefit your business by providing you suitable advice on the kind of jobs to create and conduct the recruitment drives and implement suitable strategies eliminating unnecessary wasting of time and resources and saving the cost per hire.
  • Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing is one of the most significant advantages of human resource consultancy as it can assist you with basic payroll to handling advanced functions and much more. In this way, you save money and augment the performance of your HR department eliminating shortcomings.
  • Strategic Approach

  • HR consultancies follow a strategic developmental approach to fir in the best of your business requirements with more devised and planned implementation of company policies. Your HR staff gets benefited from the expertise that your HR consultant lends in streamlining the HR-related functions.
  • Capital Management

  • Management of human capital is also one of the core benefit of an HR consultancy firm you consider as they help you with the best reward programs and provide you with efficient employee management promoting new talents’ entry in your industry.
  • Partnering With Us:

    Your Benefits As A LIRENGPO INNOVSOL's Partner
    • Re-Create New Business Opportunities to unlock unfoldable growth.
    • Consistent Trust Building and Drive Business.
    • Experience the Customer Satisfaction with Great Self-Driven.
    Why Collaborate with you on Priority Level

    Strong partnerships have the power to spark innovation that one organization could not create on its own: Complementing our comprehensive in-house expertise with the know-how of excellent partners from Academia and Industries is therefore integral to our innovation strategy at LIRENGPO. Signing a Contract with any Big Employer company makes you nervous? Don't Worry: Working with you on Parity Level at all stages of our partnership is very important for us. We are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all collaboration projects and that our partners bring in their individual perspectives and preferences. We believe in an Individual approach to each partnership and are flexible on deal structures and regional needs. Our overall goal is a true partnership which allows both sides to develop and prosper.

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